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Mensouri Lina Ines and Houmat Faiza

With the spread of the Coronavirus, we decided to hold an awareness webinar on the platform Exit door, which will be held in the presence of Mansouri Lina Ines, a student at the Faculty of Medicine to introduce the nature of the virus and how to prevent it, accompanied by the student, HoumatFaiza, a specialist in nutrition and pathology, to provide tips and advice on nutrition and proper ways to enhance immunity Against this epidemic . Things that you should know before learning Marketing Are you looking to boost up your Marketing skills or learning Marketing, but you don’t know how? In this workshop, you will first understand what you should know before starting your journey in the Marketing world.

Entrepreneurship without borders

Dr.Ahmida farhat ahmed el gebaly

The sixth webinar was entitled Entrepreneurship without borderers, where we had the honor to have Dr. FarhatAhmida from Algeria, Mr. Ahmed Al-jabali, from Egypt and ZoubirKhouajaFromMorroco. Dr.Farhat tackled the role of the university in creating an entrepreneur and how to use the academic years to work for your startup. Mr. Ahmed Al-Djibali talked about the Marja3 platform and how it transformed from idea to the first platform in Africa and the Middle East, which was an introduction to entrepreneurship and the success story of Marja3. Meanwhile, Zoubir Khawaja talked about Startups and e-learning in the Arab countries and presented Fatima Al-Fahri Open University as a model.

Veterinary Medicine in the Arab World Webinar

Dr.Mohammed Doumir,Dr.Mai Tag Eldeen

The fifth webinar was an international one presented by the Algerian Dr.MohammedDoumir and the Egyptian Dr.Mai Tag Eldeen under the title “Veterinary Medicine in the Arab world.” In which Dr.Mai talked about Quality and food control, the adopted methods, techniques used to determine food quality, and how to start a project on it While Dr. Doumir talked about Methods of scientific research in the field of veterinary and the steps necessary to move from scientific research to the invention.

Veterinary Medicine Webinar

Dr.Mahmoud Saber, Dr.Rania Boublal

The fourth webinar was shared by the Egyptian speaker Dr.Mahmoud Saber and the Algerian speaker Dr.RaniaBoublal about how to start your project in the veterinary field. In which Dr.Saber talked about the correct ways of feeding that allow knowing the basic food needs and providing it. So that leads to achieving the highest production and the lowest costs. Meanwhile, Dr. Boublal talked about how to invest successfully, correctly, and at reasonable prices in livestock specifically: “Sheep breeding.”

Urban interventions “Architecture as a Form being"

Mr. Mouaz Abouzaid , Mr. Islam El Mashtooly.

A new online webinar on urban interventions “Architecture as a Form being” on the educational platform Exit Door will be delivered by Mr. MouazAbouzaid and Mr. Islam El Mashtooly. It is essential for urban planners, architects, and students to attend this, to find out the reasons why some cities are already suffering from bad urban planning.

Wibinar about the 14th goal of SDG "marine life."

Alla Eddine Meciad

The second webinar presented by the Algerian Student AllaEddineMeciad to talk about the 14th goal of SDG “marine life.” where he introduced the sea turtles, how they breed, how to protect them, and what is their importance in the process of ecological balance to Raise awareness about marine life and particularly the sea turtles.

Pronunciation basics Webinar

Ahmed Hassan.

The Egyptian coach Ahmed Hassan presented our first webinar. The topic was mainly about the correct pronunciation of the English language, where he focused on the American accent and provided them with methods and tips for a correct American accent pronunciation